Environmental Compliance

Genesis Solid Waste Group, Inc. has assisted clients with solid waste engineering and compliance projects since 1991.  During this time, we have continued to expand our areas of expertise as a full-service solid waste engineering firm.  Our engineers, scientists, and technicians bring together experience from industry, regulatory agencies, and consulting firms to provide the diverse expertise necessary to develop specific solutions for our clients’ solid waste engineering and compliance needs.

Environmental Management

  • Assess environmental management systems.
  • Develop and implement facility-wide environmental management systems or system components.
  • Develop environmental compliance procedures.


Compliance Auditing

  • Verify compliance with multiple regulations and requirements including.
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).
  • Clean Air Act (CAA).
  • Clean Water Act (CWA).


Compliance Program Development

  • Comprehensive, multi-media programs.
  • Specific regulatory requirements.



  • Air construction and operating permits.
  • Stormwater permits.
  • NPDES permits.
  • Solid waste landfill permits.


Regulatory Interpretation

  • Review regulations for site-specific applicability.
  • Interact with agencies to develop achievable regulations and standards.


Regulatory Agency Communication

  • Prevent and/or resolve enforcement actions.
  • Interpret regulations.
  • Develop alternate strategies.


Environmental Reporting

  • Emissions Inventory Questionnaires (EIQs).
  • NPDES reporting.
  • Stormwater reporting.
  • Groundwater reporting.
  • Title V reporting.
  • Solid waste reporting.




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