Engineering & Permiting


Field Investigations

  • Develop sampling plans to characterize the subsurface
  • Sample surface materials
  • Drill soil borings
  • Perform geophysical testing
  • Perform soil sampling
  • Install and sample groundwater monitoring wells
  • Install and sample gas monitoring probes
  • Perform stormwater sampling

Remediation & Feasibility Studies

  • Evaluate and select appropriate remedial technologies
  • Perform groundwater modeling
  • Implement selected technologies and monitoring protocols

Site Assessments

  • Perform Phase I site assessments
  • Investigate facility sites and surrounding properties
  • Search applicable environmental databases
  • Perform Phase II site assessments

Landfill Design, Permitting and Closure

  • Conduct feasibility studies to assess geological and hydrogeological characteristics
  • Design liners, leachate collection/treatment systems, methane gas collection systems, monitoring systems and operational procedures
  • Manage construction of new landfills
  • Manage construction of landfill gas collection systems
  • Manage closure of landfill
  • Perform post closure care activities
  • Perform operational training for monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements

Transfer Station Design and Permitting 

  • Conduct feasibility studies to assess site suitability, regional waste flow, and site access
  • Develop facility permit documents including drawings, operation plans, and engineering documents
  • Manage construction of transfer station
  • Perform operational training for record keeping and reporting requirements




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